jeudi 21 mai 2020

Livre : "Tatsuya Tanaka : small wonders life portrait in miniature" (anglais)

Titre: "Tatsuya Tanaka : small wonders life portrait in miniature" (anglais)
Date de publication: 01 août 2017
Descriptif: "You can row a boat made of chili. You can enjoy picnic lunch under broccoli trees. You can hit the piano keys made of barcode. You can skate on a shiny rink, which is actually the surface of a CD. In this miniature world life looks as usual too - yet in a different perspective. Japanese photographer Tatsuya Tanaka started posting miniature images on a daily basis in 2011, calling it "Miniature Calendar." Since then more than 2,000 images has been updated on his website with the project named "Miniature Calendar," and now he has 570,000+ followers on Instagram and gets 90,000+ likes on Facebook. In this book you can find more than 200 works created by utilizing everyday objects, handmade tiny figures, and an immense amount of imagination. You will be amazed by the ideas with the things around you and reminded of the curiosity you used to have in childhood".


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